Quality assurance


Production is Ready. Now what?

Quality Control. Packaging. Logistics.

SOLMAR provides many additional services once production is complete in order to further assist our customer’s back-end operations with respect to quality control, fulfillment and international distribution.


100% Quality Control. 

Not only does SOLMAR monitor the production throughout its cycle, we provide our customers’ the extra service to quality control each piece afterwards. This process gives SOLMAR the opportunity to review the quality of all factors involved in production, measure the factories quality reliability and consistency, and ensure that the quality requirements have been fulfilled. Each piece is examined visually, separating the “Available to Sale” from any defectives. This ensures that the frames received by our customers are immediately available for resale allowing our customers more time to focus on their front-end operations.


SOLMAR curates a network of eyewear manufactures but also works with some of the best packaging suppliers in Italy and offshore. We are available to help our customers realize their packaging design and we follow the same process as we do when we develop any eyeglass.

SOLMAR provides a service where the packaging is sourced, stocked and supplied to the customers on a “just in time basis” and exactly meeting the needs of the order, hence legal requirements for certain markets are taken into account order by order.


SOLMAR helps their customers fulfill their international distribution requirements.

With one central warehouse, we are able to coordinate the finished product package and deliver anywhere in the world, ensuring that the product is in compliance with local regulations.